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I Know This Is Foreign To This Message Board But Lets Give Logic And Reality A Shot Here...


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Our team is playing for crap because of a few reasons and coaching isn't one of them.

We suck in scoring situations because we have to call a VERY vanilla offense because majority of our O-line are young and inexperienced and our offense is based a lot on line shifts, releases, and timing: all which are things that are thrown off by a young and learning O-line.

We have a TON of injuries. No need in going to indepth in this because it can become too much of an excuse instead of a reason if dwelled on too long.

The readiness and/or game time talent of the backups to the positions we didnt address in free agency (i.e. C, G, OT, LB) were not as good as who we let go of and/or didnt go after.

Finally, I think the NFLPA/players shot themselves in the foot when it came to limiting practices, contact, and conditioning. Players need those things to get their bodies, conditioning, and game prep ready for the grind of an NFL season. (which explains the injuries and pisspoor conditioning/endurance of our players in the later quarters.)

Dont get me wrong. Im not saying that coaching is blemishless or blameless. I do believe that we do need to get a killer instinct and/or a finishers mentality.

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