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If This Team Finishes 7-9 Or Worse - Should Mike Smith Be Fired After This Season?


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He should be--- but won't be--- fired this morning. Not because of the record, but because Roddy demonstrated that the locker room has tuned him out. Both Roddy and Tony Gonzalez admitted pre-game that the team doesn't play hard the whole game, but only when they feel like their "backs are to the wall". Those were Roddy's exact words.

Again: its not the 1-3 record that should get Smitty fired.

Bad years, bad seasons happen. Part of life in the NFL.

No: Smitty should be fired because of the same mistakes repeated for years. The poor second half play. The horrific clock management. The same lack of accountability.

Smitty was the perfect coach for 2008. But this is not 2008, and we need a different type of coach.

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I don't know if that is going to happen, but a serious look needs to be taken. This is just my opinion, but I get the impression that the Falcons organization thinks they are better than what they are. We haven't arrived. We haven't won anything. I think we still need to work hard on all levels. I don't understand how you can claim to work hard, but have the same problem hold leads and punching it in when you get in the red zone that we have had for multiple years.

The Falcons continue to throw 4th & 5th round picks at the DE position. We continue to neglect the OG position. Garrett Reynolds should not be considered in the mix for an offensive line position. The fact that he is still an option is disappointing. When we do spend decent picks on the D line, we get Corey Peters, an undersized so-so defensive tackle. We came into this year with lack luster talent on D and holes on the offensive line and this is what we get. We don't have a big time RB and for all the talk about HD, he is absent from a large part of the game. The Falcons as an organization needs to "tighten it up." A losing season may be good for this team.

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