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**** Rolls Downhill... Td Needs Some Of This Heat Too...

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I know we spend a lot of time bashing individual players. Matt Ryan, Thomas Decoud. The OLine... And as of late Mike Smith.

But maybe we should start pointing the finger in a new direction. Thomas Dimitroff.

Its no secret that football is a business. Selling tickets. Merchandise. With a new stadium coming, that pressure is on now more than ever.

We also know that flash and touchdowns sell tickets, which is why we made such bold moves for Julio. Locked in Matt Ryan for the long haul. Signed up Stephen Jackson. Brought TG back for ONE, MORE, SEASON...

But now that there's butts in the seats, people are looking for those championships to go with all that flash. How do you do that? Through Offensive Lines, and Defense...

I'm really starting to think this team needs to be torn down and given some roots. Some legs to stand on. Need that beef up front and pressure on opposing QBs to get things done at the end of the day. Not sure TD isn't greedy enough to start building this team differently. What do you all think?

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This huge ball of incompetence got rolling when we decided to overpay the god aweful linemen we had in blalock and turnstile, and cut the good ones in dahl and clabo. Then mike johnson who is mediocre at best to begin with, was forced into the lineup by dumbatroff and got hurt. We spent a third on a lt that can't even play a full game, and two other thirds on sorry azz players in mj and crawly.

On defense we overpaid a metroxsexual safety that can't tackle to save his life, drafted a terrible mlb, and cut a top 5 cb cause dumbatroff wants to get cute and gut a draft for a mediocre cb. We also ignored the de position, even though this team set the nfl record for fewest sacks in a 5 year span.

Up yours dumbatroff.

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