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Where Are The Leaders?


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I ask myself all the time, what is this team missing? Is it the talent, the coaching, the injuries, identity, the national attention, even the fans? I've questioned everything and still couldn't pin point the problem. I even find myself often using the phrase "something in our DNA".

With further thought (mostly intoxication) I've come to the conclusion that our biggest problem is that we don't have any true leaders on this team and haven't in a while. I mean we have had great players, vets, pro bowlers, and even a future hall of famer but no true leaders. If you think leaders don't make a significant difference to a team, look at the 2012 Ravens compared to the 2013 Ravens.

Take a long hard look at this roster and tell me who are our LEADERS?

Matt Ryan - the Qb with all the weapons still trying to prove that he can win the big one.

Tony Gonzales - the guaranteed hall of famer who skips camp and hasn't really helped in grooming any young TEs.

Roddy White - one of the best wrs to don black and red, but is now aging and injured and is almost as famous for tweeting as he is for what he does on the field.

Asante Samuel - a pretty good mentor to the young Dbs but can't stay on the field for sh!t and in danger of losing his position to one of the young guys.

Julio Jones - one of the best wrs in the league and is going to be great but still young and not very vocal.

Everyone else are too new (Osi & Sjax) or too young or somewhere in between.

Im not downing any of the guys I just named, but I gotta ask.... where are the leaders on this team???

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I'm telling you losing Abe hurts. It hurts a lot. Some guys have a presence in the locker room that new, fresher legs can't replace. It seems like our chemistry is off.

I agree, Abe was a great player for us and our chemistry is definitely off but I can't remember who our last true leader was or if there is one currently on the roster.

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