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This loss is not on one player.

Ryan played very well, for the most part, even though this was his worst game of the season. He choked at the end there, but it's not as if the Falcons had any business winning that game, or even being within a score.

Also, if Levine Toilolo catches that ball, Bryant kicks the game-tying FG instead of forcing Ryan and Julio to carry the team anymore than they have this season.

Now, Mike Smith, he needs to go.

You DO NOT onside kick with over 3 minutes left, 3 timeouts, down by 7. That's coaching 101. Not to mention the fact he let 1 minute run off the clock before the 2 minute warning.

Having said all that, and being quite upset about the loss, I keep in mind the Falcons are missing several starters. Don't expect any NFL team to beat Tom Brady with half your starters on the IR.

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