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We Are Not As Good As We Thought--Please Stop With The Excuse Making And "well Learn From This" And "its Going To Be Alright" B*ull-S**hit -It Is Not


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We are NOT as good as we thought--please STOP withthe excuse making and "well learn from this" and "its going to be alright" B*ULL-S**HIT

---it is not going to be alright, this team was on thin thin ice --even at full strength and no injuries

the Falcons have been drunk with good luck and things falling thier way that have masked their 2 biggest ongoing problems that have yet to be meaningfully

addressed since Dimitroff and Smith got here -----------the O-Line and the D-line

you cant win unless you can:

block for your running game

pass protect for your QB


rush the passer

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Exactly! It all starts with the linemen...period! A team can have all the great skill players, but if the o-line can't block and d-line can't get a consistent pass rush with just the 4 linemen, you're not gonna win sh *t!

Post Baker's exit...we had DECENT pass protection. How many times did we run the ball in the 2nd half? Play calling helps O linemen out too!

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