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At Least The Game Was Moderately Exciting At The End

Mr. Right

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Guest Cally307a

an exciting ending to this game would be the smitty presser...

well guys we just didn't execute, but its all in the process and I still believe that process is working.

Arthur Blank Chimes in, When the F do you ever execute, and quit reading from Jack Del Rio's Post game Transcripts, Get Lost

Im so pissed at this staff and the terrible decision making, we actually probably win that game had smitty kicked the field goal,

The only one he needed to kick and he goes for it,

Matt looks paranoid as **** because smittys probably applying the pressure he feels on matt

Mike Smith is bad for this team, the sooner he goes, the quicker we will play football,

I fear that will be long after Tony G and Sjax window closes for good.

Along with the atlanta jaguars window,

Most talent ever to not win divisional round playoff game and squander any and every lead we ever had only to watch the same desperate plays on 4 and 7, its like watching a broken record and its all due to having absolutely no clue during the actual game about what has to happen in order to not find yourself in that exact position weeek in and out.

This team sucks because they arent put in a position to win by the staff and thats the problem, the only problem,

Injuries happen they are not an excuse, SEE PATS

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