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With this team, we blame coaching often (i'm guilty of the same at times) but it just comes down to making plays. And the Falcons, my friends, are just not making plays at crucial moments. We have seen too often if Matt throws a decent ball or if the receiver actually holds onto a ball that is more than catchable, we are looking at the different start to the season. It is not cliché to say that the NFL game is a game of inches.

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Guest Negatorris

Lol he's a 4th round pick who was making his 4th NFL start, playing in a big primetime game. He should have caught that pass, but immediately calling him a bust and a scrub is unwarranted.

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Blaming the rookie tight end for the loss last night is pathetic.

I don't know if you guys just have your blinders on, but it was a full team effort to choke as pathetic as they did last night.

I know the score was 30-23, but this game was a blowout. Aside from TG having his best game of the year, the rest of the team forgot that they were playing today.

I saw mistakes and screwups from up and down the roster.

The O-line once again stepped up and showed why they're one of the worst lines in the league

The pass rush stepped up to the plate and said, "we thought this was touch football, where we had to give you a 5 count before we started rushing"

The Safeties showed their quality once again. "Big-hit Moore" once again showed he doesn't know what coverage is, and DeCoud figured after his last couple weeks where he was horrible, he thought if he just disappeared last night, he wouldn't get criticised as much.

I'm going to stop, because I am starting to get as angry as I was last night, when I watched that joke of a game. New England isn't as good as their record is, but we made them look like superstars.

Their rookie receivers, who haven't done much of anything all year.... Hey.. you want to look like a superstar? Play the falcons!

Toilolo dropped a pass in the endzone, but we had zero right to still be in the game at that point. We earned that loss, and fought to earn it with every inch of our playing. Falcons deserve to be 0-4 right now.

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