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Matt Ryan Sucks

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I know it takes time to develop...time Matt probably doesn't have.....but I love seeing the flow go one direction....receivers, lineman everyone, then a back or tight end release off and throw to the opposite side in the red zone. The whole field is wide open. I know I know....way easier said than done.

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I'm just catching up to the game. I've been watching Breaking Bad.

It's so crazy how Walt built a mount for his machine gun that made it rotate and start firing when the trunk was popped open, then used it to take out all of Uncle Jack's crew.

Too bad he got shot himself protecting Jessie when he was laying on top of him though.

Luckily, Jessie got to choke Todd out with his chains and Walt got to kill Lydia by poisoning her Stevia.

Pretty sad Walt dies in the end laying beside the Meth equipment though...

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