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Anyone Heard The Word On Oline Staters This Week?


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My internet has been out so I am on my phone. Does anyone know if Baker is back at LT this week? Any updates I may have missed?

Also does anyone besides me wake up extremely early on Sundays when the NFL is on? I don't wanna be up till like 11, but I wake up at like 7:30 every single time lol

Drives me nuts waiting for the games to start

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Even though Holmes is giving up a lot of pressures at LT, I still believe he is better than a gimped Sam Baker. I've never seen anyone like Sam, if he has the slightest of injury his play drops altogether. He can not play through any type of injury and it's important to keep him benched. Plus, we can actually run the ball w/ last week's o-line so I guess it is the best we have...

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