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Kemal Ishmael

Bundini Brown

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I can't recall which member said it (my apologies), but someone entertained the idea of benching DeCoud in favor of Ishmael. And after doing a bit of research on some of his stats, the idea began to sound like a good one.

DeCoud hasn't caught an interception so far this season, and as much as I like the guy, his bad angles annoy me now more than ever. I wouldnt mind kemal being not-so-good in coverage if it means him coming up and tackling the ball carrier.

What say you all?

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Brady would tear up Ishmael i would think. DeCoud may miss some tackles here and there, but he is a veteran safety and at times can be a pretty good ball hawk. I am a fan of Ishmael and i like the way he hits, but I don't know if i want him starting over DeCoud in this game. I could live with rotating him in some though.

This all the way. Ishmael looked lost in preseason at times. He CAN actually tackle but for those that think loading our D up with rooks just sound ignorant.

Let the kid learn the NFl game before we crown him.

Btw Ish was my favorite pick in the late rounds. Give him time.

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Its kinda semantics at the safety spot right? I would rather have Ishmael or Motta out there than Decoud on the majority of downs.

I cant even say I want DeCoud on 3rd downs, because although his range is probably better than both, and he has a ton more experience, his propensity to routinely miss tackles against....um...everybody is an extreme liability.

You might as well trot out 10 defenders with the way he is currently playing.

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