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Throwback Question

Padawan Knight

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So, by now, I'm sure everyone is familiar with the memo that the NFL put out about not using throwback uniforms due to player safety concerns.

My question is this ... how does that translate to the Oregon Ducks? Those guys have a different helmet design every week. Do they replace the helmet every week or do they paint/sticker them differently for each game?

I still think that memo is a sham. I'm tired of the NFL committees not having enough player representation.

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It's got nothing to do with the uniforms it's about not changing the helmets game to game. Outside of painting a helmet (which is tedious) the Falcons will just have to use a throwback with a black helmet. OR they can finally give us Red helmets next year.

I know it's not about the jerseys. That was my point. The ducks have a different helmet every game. So, they are either getting a new helmet or they are getting fresh paint and decals each week.

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