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Rc Game


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I'll start a topic, pick a poster, then you respond as if you were another RC poster. Again, respond NOT as yourself but as another poster.

For example:

Joe Flacco vs Matt Ryan - Respond as WFW .

The swampers are on top now but we will rise up doe. Hey Jack, WFW is just saying.

Whomever gets the most likes for their response gets to pick the next topic and poster.

Topic: Best Team In The NFC East

Poster: Rave

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woooooooooooo whoooooooooooo

Cowboys are the best team in the east

I was born and raised in Good Ol Ga

But I hate those Atlanta Birds, And Love Those Dallas Cowboys, esp that Adonis Dez Bryant, all Thanks to My Ol Uncle Jerry Sandusky who told me all about his dream to be on the Cowboys staff during one of His Happy Time Visits .....

Go Dawgs


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