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Why Did The Falcons Elect To Play With 10 Offensive Players?


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Will someone please tell me why our coach CHOSE to play roddy white in the last 3 games? How is it possible that we start a player who suffered a high ankle sprain? Huh, how is it possible?

NO WAY in **** shoud he even be near the field because that means we knowingly planned on running our offense with 10 players. A Decoy???? Are you Fing kidding me folks? I am serious as a heart attack. I really want an answer.

If someone tells me it's because roddy has a consecutive game playing streak we needed to keep going then I might just lose my cool... Because surely one would NEVER allow a players stat-line or streak to be detrimental to the overall team's best interest correct?

Is it possible that the staff thought SO LITTLE of our backup WR's that they would choose to play with 10 on offense instead of 11??? Again, I am NOT trying to stir up controuversy or challenge smitty and/or roddy because I am honestly one of their biggest fans. So these questions are difficult for me. I haven't been able to get a straight answer on this.

Now it is possible I missed a topic on this so forgive me if that is the case... your thoughts gents?

And don't even get me started with why gonzo is playing and has been ineffective at best....

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