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The Next Month Is Critical


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We have 3 straight at home with a bye included. Coming off of the home stand, we go to Arizona. After that, the schedule does us no more favors. We have 3 extremely tough division games plus the Seahawks at home and the Niners and Packers on the road.

If we can get to 5-2 I really like our chances of finishing up at least 5-4 over our tough stretch of games (10-6 total). Twice during that stretch we play back to back road games.

In a 4 week period in December we play in Buffalo, in Green Bay, and in SF. We can beat all of those teams. However, the weather can influence the outcome in those games as well. It can rain sideways in SF in December

We control our destiny in every game. I get that. However, we have the balls all lined up for the next four weeks. I feel strongly we need to run the table. If we don't its not over, but we will be out of mulligans with a long way to go.

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Well lets say we lose this weekend to the pats, and we lose to san fran, seattle and GB. I think we win vs the saints at home, and hopefully sweep the panthers this year again even though they did look tough. Thats 10-6. Of course we stand a pretty good chance to beat the pats this weekend I think, so that would be 11-5. A major injury for any of these teams down the road could also swing things in our favor as well. Lets just hope we have gotten over the injury bug ourselves.

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