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Seiu Unionists Strike Over Obamacare-Related Cuts - Hmm,

Guest Deisel

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What comes around Goes around. The unions are Now understanding what All of us are gonna understand, and thats OBAMACARE is a job killer. I can hear it now, "ah, but snakey, I mean Deisel, these profiterring companys are hoarding their evil profits", and I say, No pond scum, they are not. This is the wave effect in play. The wave effect, dear listener is the reality of a pebble dropped in a pool. Artificially Screwing with a capitalst economy thru Gov doo gooder principals equals a negative effect. Its akin to propping up the Green technologies when NOONE WANTS it, save a couple million tree huggers.

Next up. Mandating Minimum wage to $10 in california. As if that state isn't already in trouble.......

SEIU unionists strike over Obamacare-related cuts

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Ah, dear listener. Obama is so happy with Obamacare that he is running around the country, RIGHT NOW, touting the glorious benefits to ALL. Ah, hold on a second. Not all. Hold, HOld, I'm hearing battle sounds in my Ear mike.....Breaking News.......THis just in from OBAMA CAMPAIGN 2013.......Congress and the administration get a.......HOld........HOLLLLDDDDDD ittt. Ah, there it is.....A subsidy, a break. How so sweet it is to pass down laws to us Minions and then excempt or Decree Via Tax payer subsidy, a break from the Kings law.

Hey, someone alert acworth. This is actually coming from a report inside the Kings court...http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424127887324635904578644202946287548.html?mod=us_most_pop_newsreel It must be real.......

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