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Vince Gilligan's 'battle Creek' Will Air On Cbs Next Fall

Shotty Nice

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Sounds remarkably unremarkable. It does however give us another cop show, which is a severely lacking genre of American television right now.


Sony Pictures Television, the studio that has an exclusive contract with Mr. Gilligan, announced on Wednesday that it had concluded a rich deal with CBS to produce a new series created by Mr. Gilligan, with a guarantee that it will go onto the network’s prime-time schedule next fall.

The show, a police drama called “Battle Creek,” comes with an added layer of elite television pedigree. Based on Mr. Gilligan’s script, which he originally wrote for CBS 10 years ago, before he created “Breaking Bad,” the show’s production will be led by David Shore, another celebrated television producer, who created and produced the longtime Fox hit drama “House.”

The deal reflects the status Mr. Gilligan has reached, largely on the strength of the success of “Bad.”

CBS has promised to produce 13 episodes and put them all on the air. Most show deals begin with a script payment, and the next stage is limited to the making of a pilot. In this case, CBS has committed to paying for all 13 episodes before they are even produced....

...“Battle Creek” is a drama about two detectives in Battle Creek, Mich. One is a trusting naïf, the other a cynic who relies on guile and deception. They find themselves in competition with an F.B.I. agent whom they see as the epitome of a crime-fighter, though he is far from that.

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No response hehe...

That pic is like a simultaneous punch to the gut and kick to the crotch for Batman fanboys.

You posted a picture that isn't real and outfits from a 60s TV show, there isn't anything to respond with.

I'm a huge fan of Affleck so I'm pretty pumped about his casting. The Bieber thing was never real to begin with, I still don't know why anybody would ever believe that DC and WB would take a movie that has the potential to be the biggest one ever and put Justin Bieber in it.

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