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They Should Have Put This On The Jumbotron...

Flip Wilson

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I have seen that. I have no words for it because it is so unbelievable. She even high fived afterwords. Really, I have no words to describe such an act because I never thought I would need words to describe such an act. Disgraceful is all I have.

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Herm Edwards blasts woman who stole baseball from little girl: ‘You can’t be the bully anymore’

Rick Chandler

Jun 15, 2011, 5:35 PM EDT


I hope you were properly disgusted by our post last week on the woman who snatched a baseball from the grasp of a little girl at an Astros game. It seems that the video of the incident (below) is just coming to the attention of ESPN, where SportsCenter’s Herm Edwards had a special message for the woman:

“Real simple, obviously the first thing I look at is this: obviously at some time in her life when she was younger, she was probably a bully. You can’t be the bully anymore. When you go to the ballpark, you have to understand something. When you go after a ball, and there’s a little child involved in trying to get the ball, guess what? It belongs to the little child. It’s called common sense. It’s real easy, figure this thing out. You don’t take the ball away from the little girl, you actually give it to her. And what’s even more appalling is that after she took the ball, somebody gave her a high-five! That’s embarrassing. This is what you call bad ball.”

Too bad Herm didn’t take such a no-nonsense stance with Larry Johnson. But ESPN co-anchor Jay Harris had a much funnier and succinct take on it:

“Man, if my mom had taken me to the game and someone had snatched the ball from me, we’d be doing a whole different story.”

Details were sketchy at the time, but now we have a couple of new details.

  • The theft occurred at Minute Maid Park this past Thursday, as the visiting Diamondbacks played the Astros.

  • The TV clip (below) includes brief commentary from DBacks announcers Daron Sutton and Mark Grace, who were audibly amazed at the woman’s greed. According to several message board posts written by people who say they were at the game, Sutton and Grace later both autographed another ball and gave it to the little girl.

  • Another commenter said that people in that section booed the woman for a full five minutes.

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