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Question For You Guys About The Linebackers


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Now my internet is out, so I am on my phone. But this is the 2nd time I have seen this bleacher report article on twitter. Did we announce Worrilow is starting at MLB? Or is this article just suggesting it? Like I said I haven't been able to use the internet all week so I am kinda out of the loop.


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Yeah I seen that. Did Dent get hurt during the game or they just pull him

I think they just pulled him. I like Worrilow a lot and I think he's gonna be good for us, but he was out of position on two plays & Bartu missed a couple of tackles that converted 3rd downs. I'm all about giving young guys chances to play but not with the game on the line. go with either or but don't put both of them out there in the fire, especially one that's never played with the starters. have some veteran presence out there.

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