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A Trade We Should Make To Re-Open The Sb Window

The Dirty Bird

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I'll start by saying if we are somehow 1-5 at Week 6, we should not make any trades. We are likely out of the playoff hunt, our defense was way worse than we thought because our young guys didn't progress and our old guys were either cut or have just gotten older. Also, our O-Line is pathetically bad to the point where Matt Ryan can't make use of our offensive weapons that media pundits love to talk up. No time in pocket, no time to pass to Roddy or Julio or TG. Also, TG was selfish in staying away from the team for so long and that rust has contributed to our slow start in a big way. SJax was a GREAT add for the 2013 Atlanta Falcons in Madden, which of course is a game in which you can turn off injuries. In real life, SJax can't physically hold up anymore. I was a HUGE supporter of this trade and there's still a chance that if we make it to the playoffs as a wildcard (I'm assuming Saints win the division) and SJax is healthy that he redeems himself in a big way if we get hot late and take the NY Giants route to a Super Bowl appearance and hopeful victory.

However, in the more likely scenario we are 3-3 after Week 6 and with the trade deadline coming up shortly after that I am hoping for two things.

1) Spoon and SJax are healthy and ready to be themselves very soon, and TG is about to be back to his old self for Week 7 and going forward.

2) The Cleveland Browns are 1-5 and are deciding to pack it in for the year and get in the Tank for Teddy or play Dead for Ted sweepstakes. It will be hard to compete with the Jags for the top spot, and the Jags will surely take Ted if they get it, so the Browns need to continue to divest some of their talent to beat them in the race to the bottom. Also, three 1st round picks for the Browns in the 2014 draft will surely have them as draft day winners and I am hoping that this desire to dominate that draft will push them to making a deal that will land them an additional 1st round pick.

The Trade

(after Matt Ryan restructures his deal to save $5 million this year, TG restructures to save $4 million for a REAL shot at a ring, Baker restructures his new extension or else we cut him or exile him to Peru(save $3.5 mil), Osi restructures to save $2 million --- so to go with the money have currently have we get an additional $14.5 mil in cap space just for this season which is enough to do the following)

Falcons give up their 2014 Draft (Picks 1,2,3,4), DT Corey Peters, WR Harry Douglas, conditional 2015 pick up to a 2nd rounder if CB Joe Haden is included in the deal

Cleveland Browns give: OLB/DE Jabaal Sheard, ILB D'Qwell Jackson, LT Joe Thomas, OG John Greco, DT Phil Taylor, DT Desmond Bryant, WR Davone Bess, (possible Joe Haden).

Starting with the LBs, we now have one of the game's best middle linebackers and leaders in D'Qwell Jackson so that the horrible Stephen Nicholas never steps on the field for us again. Jackson is a beast, and in our base 2 LB set with D'Qwell and Spoon we will have two sideline-to-sideline forces. Dent can come in as a SLB for run stopping downs only.

Speaking on run stopping, adding Phil Taylor is a steal. He's a rare talent at DT who can play 3-4 NT, 4-3 DT, crush the run and collapse the pocket for sacks of his own for to help a DE get a sack after flushing out the QB. He next to Babineaux in sub-sets will be a boon to our pass rush. Adding cheap, but highly talented, veteran Desmond Bryant is a huge boost to our base defense that now features Babs as the 4-3 LDE like we did last year when we stopped the run so well. Bryant is a big guy at 6'7 320 lbs and can move like most strongside DEs in the NFL. He and Taylor at DT will mean no running lanes up the middle, and it will also means DQ and Spoon can fly around making plays which is precisely what we want. Jabaal Sheard is one of the more talented edge rushers in the entire league, he is just a bit of a headcase but has been much better this year with no off field issues and he's been a star in Cleveland (top of the league in sacks). He is young and just about to enter his prime but the Browns will let him walk anyway because they just spent their very high 1st round selection on LSU's Barkevious Mingo who is the future of that position for the Browns. On the strong side they just signed Paul Kruger to a big deal, so moving Sheard is something the Browns will almost definitely do if they are out of the playoff hunt before the trade deadline --- and using him in a package to add another 1st round pick is a dream of their front office's. Joe Thomas is obviously a reason why a 1st and 2nd round pick is in this deal. Yes, he is unlikely to be traded because when they do take their franchise QB next year they likely would want Joe to protect his blindside and Alex Mack (someone who I considered for this deal) to snap him the ball. With All-Stars at the two most important positions on the line for a QB (RT is a close 3rd to Center), and with Josh Gordon on the outside (also want him badly) and Jordy Cameron at TE, the Browns offense would be actually quite formidable with a good rookie RB or free agent (Run DMC, Mojo, Ben Tate) and Teddy Bridgewater. Davone Bess would replace the recurring mistake that is Harry Douglas. Bess is also several years younger, a much better slot WR, and a better punt returner as well. Better, younger, and more reliable? Check check check, and sign us up. Bess is basically the black Wes Welker and I mean that in the best way possible. Both guys don't have great long speed, but are very smart, reliable, and shifty. One good cut after a catch and they can be gone for a 30 yard gain. John Greco is an above average-to-good OG, which is something I would pay a lot of money to be able to say about our Right Guard. Greco would easily slide into the RG spot and we'd no longer have troubles there. He isn't an All-Star, but he can run block and pass block and my god would Matthew Ryan be stoked about adding Greco to fill the gaping hole that is our "Right Guard". And adding Joe Haden, while technically unnecessary, would make our secondary a truly elite unit. Perhaps the best in the league as the season progresses and Trufant and Alford mature.

So yes, we don't have a draft next year. It's a steep price. But our current SB window will be expired after this season when Tony retires, Asante is 35(?), Roddy is another year older and dealing with hobbling injuries, SJax is even more hobbled than he is now, same with Osi, etc. Adding several guys in their prime or about to be who are very talented would transform this Falcon team into a true SB favorite -- something we were supposed to be this season anyway!

Our Front 7:

LDE: Jon Babineaux

DT: Phil Taylor

DT: Desmond Bryant --- (in passing situations, Bryant subs out, Babs slides into DT, and Osi comes into DE)

RDE: Jabaal Sheard --- (Osi Umenyiora is back in his ideal role as a pass rushing specialist with 110% energy)

WLB: Sean Weatherspoon

MLB: D'Qwell Jackson

SLB: Akeem Dent --- (our base package is 3 CB, but Dent will be SLB when we need a 3rd LB)

CB-1: Joe Haden

CB-2: Asante Samuel --- (Desmond Trufant will get many starts with Asante dealing with nagging injuries)

CB-slot: Robert McClain --- (Robert Alford will also mix in. He can overtake McClain if he shows consistency)

SS: William Moore

FS: Thomas DeCoud

Haden and Trufant have the long-term potential to be what Revis and Cromartie were for the Jets when the Jets were the #1 defense in the league. Sheard and Osi and if any of our young guys progress (doubtful, IMO, as our mid-round track record for DEs is atrocious) will get consistent pressure on the QB. Our 3-man DT rotation of Taylor, Bryant, Babs would rival the deep and talented D-Lines we see in Seattle and Cincinnati.

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You serious bro? You ever seen a 10 player NFL trade along with 5 draft picks. All these guys got to fit under caps, along with accelerated Bonus money which is a lot for J. Thomas I am guessing. Don't know about Jackson's contract, but he is a good player.

I assume you are joking around with this because it is beyond ridiculous. Also the Browns aren't blowing that team up on Defense. They need a QB and that is their plan. Their D has some very nice pieces that are staying put.

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Not bashing ya but kind of funny how you did the whole "looks good in Madden" thing about SJAX but then proceeded to concoct a monumentally large trade that wouldn't even happen in the NBA.

The most unrealistic part is TG taking less money hahahahaha

Very well thought out though and wouldn't mind the trade.

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Falcons give up their 2014 Draft (Picks 1,2,3,4), DT Corey Peters, WR Harry Douglas, conditional 2015 pick up to a 2nd rounder if CB Joe Haden is included in the deal

Cleveland Browns give: OLB/DE Jabaal Sheard, ILB D'Qwell Jackson, LT Joe Thomas, OG John Greco, DT Phil Taylor, DT Desmond Bryant, WR Davone Bess, (possible Joe Haden).

I think it would be simpler if we could get everyone who lives in Atlanta to move to Cleveland, and everyone who lives in Cleveland to move to Atlanta.

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Not to give this any credence, I find this post hilarious, but Joe Thomas is actually tradeable. He only had a $6M dollar signing bonus, and it would only cost Cleveland $3.6M to trade him according to Sportrac. I just find that very surprising. Obviously he isn't going anywhere.

Jackson and Haden would cost Cleveland $15M to trade this year. Desmond Bryant would cost them $12M, and I am not even sure who he is. All signing bonus/guaranteed money is accelerated when a guy is traded, and is a big reason why you see so few NFL trades.

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