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Frank Gore And Marquez Colston For Ray Rice

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As you know me and this guy is negotiating this trade, Gore is what I got in a deal with Welker for Marshawn Lynch. So I'm giving up Gore and Colston for Rice. Ppr league

My roster

QB Matt Stafford/Andrew Luck

RB Chris Johnson/ Bernard Pierce

RB Frank Gore/ Gio Bernard

TE Jason Witten/ Jordan Cameron

WR Wes Welker/ Roddy White

WR Eric Decker/ Deandre Hopkins

Flex Marquez Colston

Defense Chicago

So I could afford to lose Colston and Gore for a "injured" Ray Rice my team would be great with or without Rice. Thoughts?

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any wy to trade CJ2K for rice in a deal? he isnt getting TDs or catches, so in a PPR he has little value. I think as Kaep keeps stinking it up they are going to ride Gore more and more moving fwd.

You have a rather nice bargaining chip having both Cameron and Witten at TE.

Yes I took Cameron late he was a STEAL for me round 12 lol. And I do have pieces to move which I can move them for a top player

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So basically you gave up Lynch and Colston for Rice and Welker? If so, (assuming Rice is healthy) in a PPR league I think you came out ahead.

Well I started with 10th pick I got Lynch and Morris, then got disc and they autodrafted me MJD and CJ2K, I then traded Morris for White week 1, then Lynch and Kenbrell Thompkins for Welker and Gore. So basically yeah Lynch for Rice and Welker haha.

Sold Lynch after his monster game 3td vs SF haha sold him while his stock was high, the guy was VERY interested in Lynch after that game.

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