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What Is Your Most Embarrassing Falcon Moment?


What singular moment did you find most embarrassing to be a Falcon fan?  

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  1. 1. Which was the most shameful moment to you?

    • The 1980 Dallas Cowboys rallying to beat us in the 4th quarter with their punter playing QB.
    • Marion Campbell being hired as our HC for a second time because no one else would take the job.
    • Charles Dimry being left in single coverage and giving up 6 touchdowns to Jerry Rice.
    • Eugene Robinson trying to pick up a hooker (who was a cop) the night before the Super Bowl.
    • Jeff George and June Jones melting down on national television
    • Vick's fans/supporters cheering Chris Chandler's injury.
    • Vick being indicted/convicted for his crimes.
    • Petrino quitting in the middle of the night, going to U of Arkansas.
    • Our offensive line just standing and watching as Ryan was cheap-shotted by a Saints rookie DB.
    • Another in a long list of humiliating moments, explaining why there are so few Falcon fans even in Atlanta.

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Honestly mine is the GB game in 2010. I never EVER watch Falcon games with anyone else but my buddy invited to his place about 2 hrs from where I live and he had some if our other friends over.

Not only did I have to watch that playoff bloodbath with all my friends but then I had to drive 2 hrs to get home with my old lady complaining because I was rude during the game.

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One that comes to mind is a Carolina game back in maybe 2006? We lost to Chris Weinke. Gave him his probably only Nfl win. That guy was horrible. They ran the ball almost every play and the falcons folded. Vick couldn't convert jack and even criticized the coaches post-game. That game put the nail into the season and made me realize just how bad our team was.

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The Georgia Dome chanting "We want Vick" when the Eagles were destroying us, and cheering when he proceeded to destroy us more. It's the moment that I completely turned on this fan base. It was the single saddest moment I've ever seen as a fan.

THIS x100000000

Absolutely atrocious. I understand the love the fanbase had for Mike, but to cheer as the Falcons got shellacked was embarrassing. Just awful.

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The events just prior to the 98 Super Bowl.

Our team was partying, while nobody heard a peep from the Bronco's.

But the worst was Rankin Smith's statement that the net gain from the

last place team to a Super Bowl winner was a mere $300k at the time

and was just not good business due to the large salaries paid out

to a team that is stacked with top paid players,

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Getting blown out on MNF to the aints on the day Vick went to jail. Blank came out and backed petrino live on national TV in a 34-14 loss (think that was the score), only to have petrino quit out of the blue the next day. I'll never forget how pissed I was watching that pig sooey press conference. That was the day I joined the boards haha

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