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What's Your Gameday Superstition?


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"Its only weird if it doesn't work". Just to have a little fun. Is there anything you guys find yourself doing on game day to help the team out. I'll start.

I have a difficult schedule on Sunday plus with being married with kids I am never able to sit down and watch the full pregame and the start of the game. I noticed that whenever that happens we lose.

The times when I am ready for the game and I am relaxed with a nice drink in my hand by pre-game. We win. So to test it out. I am going to ignore my family starting from 7pm, I am going to watch the full pregame and be in my seat by kickoff.

Let's see what happens.

Anybody has anything else more interesting?

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lol I know right. Gotta get back to doing it when I wake up on Sundays. I have so much going on and kinda sit back and brush everything off til the last hour lol

Wait a minute, maybe Dirk Koetter also wait til the last hour to do the game planning. That's why we can't score tds in the redzone. He needs to change his superstition. Lol
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I shave, we win. I don't we end up losing. This past Sunday and the game against the Saints I shaved during halftime because of my laziness. Probably not a superstition but that's how it works out lol

Why shave at all bro? Gotta let that mane breath man. smile.png

Right after I got married I didn't shave or trim for 13 months I think. Something like that, it was crazy.

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