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Should I Do This?

Guest King Jigsaw

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Guest King Jigsaw

I guess the best way to start is to tell you that my league is 10-Team PPR so no one has to ask. I currently sit at the top as the only 3-0 team. Here's my roster:

QB - Matthew Stafford

RB - Doug Martin

RB - LeSean McCoy

WR - Brandon Marshall

WR - Dez Bryant

TE - Jimmy Graham

FL - Darren Sproles

D/ST - Vikings (Though I've submitted a waiver claim to drop them for the Chiefs)

K - Garrett Hartley (Though I'm submitted a waiver claim to drop him for Stephen Gostkowski)

B - Le'Veon Bell

B - Dwayne Bowe

B - Cecil Shorts

B - Giovanni Bernard

B - Josh Gordon

B - Sam Bradford

B - Jordan Cameron

As you can see, my team (through a combination of opportunistic drafting and creative trading) could stand like this and be a strong playoff team. I say that a successful owner will always look for ways to improve his team, though, and one has seemingly come up.

Someone who is fed up after 2 straight poor games and also is the owner of Robert Griffin III has offered me Colin Kaepernick for Josh Gordon. This is what I view as the ultimate buy low-sell high opportunity. I have to think that Kaepernick will bounce back to his usual dynamic ways and finish in the top 10 of Fantasy QB's. On the other hand, Josh Gordon just put up over 30 points in his first game back and is not quite likely to put up those numbers each and every week.

The only thing that's holding me back from pulling the trigger on this is that I would be forced to carry three QB's because Kaep and Stafford have the same BYE week. Best case scenario is that Kaep explodes for a couple more weeks and I can then turn around and trade him in a package for someone like Aaron Rodgers and then roll with Stafford as my backup.

So what do you guys think? Should I hold out and wait and see what Gordon can do at the risk of his value going up in smoke? Or do I pull the trigger and grab a bounce-back candidate like Colin Kaepernick who has the potential to be a steal for me and take my team to an even higher level?

Thanks to all who help. I'll return the favor as best I can.

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