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Keep Whining Or Rise Up This Sunday!


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I have been a Falcons fan for some time now and I am not sure what is going on with our fans. We lost a game to an average team and so what. It is football and thats the best part of it because anyone can beat anyone.

Instead of crying and whining, how about we make the dome LOUDER than it ever was. Win or Lose be loud on every down not only on 3rd down.

Take a look at Seahawks fans and how loud they get. They are breaking records along with their team. I believe we can RISE UP and shut down Tom Brady.

We the fans can be the 12th player on the field that causes chaos for Mr.Tom Brady. There is no need to look back and be negative. Lets go 13-0 and believe we can do it!

Lets boost the confidence of our team by showing up early to the dome and start being loud from the second they get on the field.

I AM READY for Gisele :)

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