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Still Trying To Get Julio Jones......would You Make This Deal?

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So I am making another offer to try and get Julio Jones. I am trying to get value for some players while they have it, and this guy needs RB and WR help (Bowe sucks, Amendamaged injured again)

I get: Julio Jones (11.5 point this week)

I give: Josh Gordon (26.x points this week), Roddy White and DeAngelo Williams (11.2 pts this week)

This would give me 3 of the top 5 or so WRs in the NFL on my team, and unless injuries get me I should be very tough to beat moving forward. (our league starts 3WR, no flex)

My WRs would be: Julio Jones, Demarius Thomas and Brandon Marshall

I would likely grab Le'Veon Bell or Bilal Powell in FA to replace Williams as my bench RB.

On the other hand, Gordon def. has WR1 talent, but is unproven still this year. Plus, rumor is CLE is trying to trade him, so he could end up on a team with a good QB and really shine. Imagine if a team like NO ended up with him....after all, CLE needs a RB and Ingram is rumored to want a trade.

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