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Mike Smith--Go Forward To The Past


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When Mike Smith first got here, he coached this team very aggressively in 4th down calls inside the opponents 40. We often went for 4th and 3 or less. We were very successful his first few years.

Then the Giants game happened. We got stuffed 3 times. They are a well coached team, and they knew we would go for 4th and short most of the time. They were waiting on it. Early the following season (2012) we struggled in a couple of games with 4th and short. We all made fun of Smitty because he quoted the stats on how often teams convert 4th and 1. It is a rather high percentage.

I don't know if TD has pulled his "go for it" card. However, over the last two years we have gone from being a team that often went for it on 4th down, even with a lead, to a team that almost never seems to.

I don't think it is any small coincidence that the team seems to have less of an edge when the coach is showing less confidence in short yardage.

Smitty, go back to being who you are. Yes, if you go for it on 4th and short in field goal range and get stuffed, the media and TATF will kill you. Who cares. Coach this team the way you used to. You preach execution. Give them a chance. If our players can't execute. That is on TD. If they aren't given the chance, that is on you.

In short, we are up against it. Pretend this is 2008 all over again. Just GO FOR IT. Go for it on 4th down, and go for it in general. Go down charging ahead if that is what it comes to.

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