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My Thoughts About The Game


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-Trueblood is a much better RT than holmes.

-Holmes was in Ryans face for most of the game, we need baker back healthy. But holmes isn't much of a drop off if at all

-Snelling is a way better rb than rodgers

-where's chase coffman??? Why is he being pickled for all eternity on the mike smith non experience bench?



-dent is the worst mlb ever to exist

-mcclain is getting scortched (time for alford?)

-pillow tackler is killing us

-didn't I say thay the lack of a competent pass rush opposite osi woild kill us? Why can't TD draft a d@mn de?

-we play soft zone with a lead

Coaching: fail

-Why is rodgers getting the critical snaps on makeable downs over snelling.

-Why is p.w playing the last defensive series when dent played all game, and p.w was rusting on the bench and probably wasn't warmed up?

Smitty making decisions that can get him fired.

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