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Absolute safest place to sit... at home watching TV.

No really, the stadium as being a dangerous place is all hype mostly... be a jerk, get treated like a jerk.

My opinion for ANY stadium is the closer you sit to the 20 yardline, the better.

(Real fans without disrupting the wine & cheese circuit)

I used to sit in the 145,146 area and it was always cool over there.

The stadium is shaped where if you sit on one side of the field, you are actually a lot farther away from the game than the other side.

Its pretty empty these days, so even if you sense there might be some jerks nearby, you can find other seats to move to.

There are fights in the stands pretty much every game, and amazingly the bathrooms too, but its usually easily avoided by not being a jerk.

Find gear that is black and you likely wont stand out even if you are cheering for the other team.

Parking lots afterward and the neighborhood can be dangerous too, I wouldnt be too obvious as an opposing fan that can be identified across the parking lot.

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