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I Can Tell We Have Come A Long Way As A Franchise Under Td And Smitty


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1-2 is NBFD,

Y'all need to keep in mind that September and October is for the Pretenders.

November - December is when the Contenders take controll of the league.

Yesrerday loss was Coaching Errors.

Time Clock (Smitty) and a One on One Line Backer Receiver mismatch (Nolan)

I do think it's funny that the people so quick to pile on Smitty largely missed the one legitimate criticism of his coaching yesterday. He did cost the Falcons 30 seconds by not calling timeout once the Dolphins got inside the 10. That's a real mistake as opposed to the tenuous ones being bandied about by the lazy trolls here.

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Guest Negatorris

1-2 isn't a big deal to me when your losses have come to two undefeated opponents. We have some problems, but when is the last time a SB team has just skated through the regular season and then the post season without a hitch?

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