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Playoff Rotation


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Minor has a much better road record than home record. So if we open up at home, I think it will be Medlan, Teheran, then Minor for game 3 on the road. I'm Ok with Garcia over Maholm for game 4, but if we end up playing the Reds on the road, I'd rather have Minor and Wood pitch those games due to all the left-handed hitters the Reds have.

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I like winning it in 3 so that we don't even have the possibility of a Garcia or Maholm start.

While Garcia has pitched well for us, it's far more likely that his true level is more like his recent history, which is a 4.50 ERA-type pitcher with a similar xFIP. Maholm has been better than that, but I'm not convinced he's fully healthy.

Quite frankly, I trust Alex Wood more than either of those guys, but him move to the bullpen gives us a better chance of winning the first three games, so I can't really complain.

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