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Is Showing Emotion And Frustration Always A Bad Thing For Players


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High expectations lead to pressure to perform, and when the play on the field fails to get the results expected, frustration can mount. That fruststration can be expressed in many ways. Two other teams with high expectations, Green Bay and San Francisco, are experiencing some discontent among players with results not matching expectations. Is this bad? Besides the anoynomous "punks" comment, Falcons players have not yet lashed out at coaches or teammates. Is that a sign of unity or just an acceptance of poor results. Is it all bad for a player, especially a veteran, to show his displeasure. Is it a sign of things falling apart or is it possible for such expressions to light a fire in the team.

One consistent complaint about the Falcons is lack of an attitude. Most of us have blamed Smith, but do the veterans on a team have a responsibility to set the attitude, maybe by questioning the coaching staff at times. Would it be all bad to see Ryan show some emotion, maybe get in Coach Smith's face and show displeasure with play calling or strategy? Is it Ryan's responsibility, as a veteran leader who has earned the right, to voice such displeasure? If Ryan, who has played well considering circumstances, showed his unwillingness to accept the results on the field, could that motivate his teammates?

Successful NFL teams are littered with confrontations of coaches and players, but in the right situations, is it wrong? I mean, Gore and Rodgers, obviously do not accept the results on the field, so why do the Falcons players do so? Either Smith has got an amount of control Belichick, Knoll or even Walsh could not muster, or our players just accept what is happening and have little desire to do better. The articles below pertain to my question of whether players bare some responsibility to set a winning attitude. Does conflict within a team always mean disaster or is it good to occasionally see players show emotion and not just accept defeat or poor play?



Report: Frustrated Gore lashes out at Harbaugh

Posted by Laces Out Crew on September 22nd, 2013 at 9:05 pm

Cary Edmondson/USA TODAY Sports

Remember when the 49ers were a Super Bowl favorite, sporting the hottest young QB in the league with an in-your-face coach ready to lift the team to heights not seen since the days of Steve Young and Jerry Rice? Man, what a long eight days it’s been.

San Francisco was wiped out at home by Indianapolis on Sunday, 27-7 — its second loss in as many Sundays. Around the same time, Seattle finished off its dismantling of Jacksonville to put the defending NFC champs already two games back in the NFC West.

And then things may have gotten very bad for San Francisco.

According to Kevin Lynch of the San Francisco Chronicle, running back Frank Gore (who had season-bests 82 yards and a 22-yard run but also had only 3 carries for 12 yards in the second half) had some choice words about head coach Jim Harbaugh near the conclusion of Sunday’s game, and made sure others could hear them.

Hard to tell exactly what to make of the incident, as one 49er, defensive end Ray McDonald, attributed it to a frustrated veteran letting off some steam, according to a tweet attributed to McDonald:

And if true, this wasn’t the first time a star player on a struggling perceived contender sounded off at a coach Sunday, as Aaron Rodgers and Mike McCarthy exchanged, ummm, pleasantries in Cincinnati.

Laces Out Latest



Aaron Rodgers, Mike McCarthy have a little spat on sideline

Posted by Laces Out Crew on September 22nd, 2013 at 12:46 pm


By Sam Gardner, FOXSports.com

The Green Bay Packers responded to two early Cincinnati Bengals touchdowns Sunday with a 30-0 run.

That rally was helped along by four straight Bengals turnovers, but apparently that wasn’t enough to keep Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and coach Mike McCarthy from jawing on the sidelines.

Above, you can see Rodgers and McCarthy expressing some displeasure with each other, with B.J. Raji trying to serve as a mediator, after the Green Bay offense could only manage a field goal after recovering an Andy Dalton’s second-quarter fumble at the Cincinnati 21-yard line.

Only Rodgers, McCarthy and Raji know what was actually said, but here are a few of our best guesses:

• “No, sir, cheddar is the superior cheese!”

• “How many times do I have to ask you to stop asking if Melissa McCarthy is my sister?”

• “Will you just answer Ryan Braun’s phone calls? I’m tired of delivering messages for him.”

• “No, I won’t do the discount double-check for you.”

• “I liked you better when you wore a handlebar mustache.”

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I posted this the other day, but I thought I would bring it back considering the 49ers game last night. Gore got much more work and the 49ers played much better after two sluggish weeks. Is it just coincidence that this happened less than a week after Gore had a confrontaion with Harbaugh. Did Gore push his coaches to do better or maybe put some fire back in his teammates? Did Gore maybe kick the coaches and team out of complacency?

That is just theory, of course, but I do not see any Falcons willing to question the status quo, but rather accept the situation as it is. I do not believe in anarchy, and under different circumstances, these type actions can be detrimental, but a team leader showing frustration at poor play at least shows the player cares about what is happening on the field. If expressed at the right time, in the proper way, I do believe that it can have a positive affect on the team as a whole.

The Packers are off this week, but I am anxious to see how they respond to Rodgers expressing his displeasure with play or coaching or both.

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Emotion is one thing, but frustration is simply losing your composure.

Everybody gets beat on any given day, and while that can be frustrating

you can not let it get a grip on your mentality.

A good mind set is to keep your focus even though you do not stand a chance.

This is why the game is 90% mental.

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