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Mike Smith Angry?

Guest stevefalcon

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Guest stevefalcon

I'm reading a lot about Smith not getting angry, or not being emotional at press conference, sidelines ETC..... I think everyone is missing the point, Smith needs to make the gutsy calls to win, not play the odds. Do you think payton, billichick, harbough, etc...are going to settle for FG inside the 2 or inside the the 1, or try not to win the game when it's your chance to do so. up 3, 5min left 4th and 4, our D, kick FG or go for the win. clearly with our D you go for the win. These other coaches act like 4th in a couple is just another down, and they usually get it. They also play to embarrass other teams, think Brees running up the score to get his record for example. Coach Smith is a loser, Mr. Blank please fire him now, before it's to late. Watch how we get out coached next week, Patriots will wax this team all over the dome. Probably after we are up by 17pts, and Smith punts the ball on 4th and 1 on their 40 yard line, which nets us a whopping 20 yards in field position. Smith is the momentum killer!!

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