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Packers, 49Ers, Falcons All 1-2

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These were 3 of the 4 teams remaining before the divisional round of the playoffs in the NFC. All of these teams have had tough schedules throughout the first 3 weeks and they have also dealt with injuries. All of these teams will make the playoffs.

We could even win the division although we are 1-2 right now. When we will against the Pats next week we'll be 2-2 and we should beat the Jets to go 3-2 heading into our bye which will allow us to get healthy.

Coming off the bye we have Tampa at home, and then the Cards and the Panthers on the road. If we are the team we think we are we should be 6-2 heading into the game against the Seahawks. I posted this because its early in the season and despite these disappointing loses we will be in the playoff picture when late in the season.

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I made my skepticism of the 49ers well known in the offseason. Kaepernick is completely reliant on the read option since he is not a pocket passer. He does not make anticipation passes and does not throw receivers open since he always waits for his targets to get open and if they don't get open he panics. Teams are figuring out the read option and Kaepernick is struggling to do anything because of it. They also do not have an NT for the 3-4 defense and that is like having an arch without a keystone. On top of that, their secondary is bad and has been for a while but that was masked by their front seven being completely dominant, but it was exposed late last season and in the playoffs and it was not fixed.

I think the Falcons and Packers can pull it out of the fire once they get healthy but the 49ers are what I expected they would be.

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I really wanna get on board with this, but this team has not been playing anywhere near its talent level, nor does it play with any type of edge and burning desire to wipe teams off the map. I hate the ever living sh!t out of the Saints, but what do they do? They came out in the second half and blew the doors off a team that had been hanging around. Same with the Panthers. Things start going bad and we go into our ultra conservative panic mode. I watched the Bengals earlier today, they blew a 14 point lead by giving up 30 consecutive points, but they didn't get down at all, they kept plugging away and pulled it out against a solid GB team.

We crumble in critical moments in games... we get an INT up by 7 and proceed to go 3 and out not one killer shot down the field. We get in the redzone and we rarely throw jumpballs to our 6'3 WR who could dunk on a 12' basketball hoop. We have a TE who is pushing 7 feet who would most likely draw a LB in coverage, yet we don't split him out and toss one up to him. The problems that have been showing up in the playoffs that past few years are starting to show up in the regular season, in games that we would generally win in the past.

Obviously, this team does play hard (we never get blown out, which is a credit to the coaching staff), they have just been coached that not making a mistake >>>>>> making a big play... especially on defense.

Playcalling has been dreadful in the redzone, and I would say that Ryan has made a few questionable decisions down there as well (one that really stands out in my mind was the one where he sailed it over Julio's head when he should have, IMO, thrown it safely high, but at least low enough where Julio had a shot at it, as he was fronting the defenders... he could have made that play), then we ended up missing the FG.

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