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"____" I Present You The Smash Mouth Bruised Knuckles Award

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This award goes to the smash mouth players who came to play, fought hard and battled with bruised knuckles like real men. In spite of the loss and I'll reserve my comments on who's to blame i wanted to give props to a few Falcons players who really did show up today.

Jason Snelling I Present You the Smash Mouth Bruised Knuckles Award for fuelling our offense, outperforming all of our other players even though they are paid more then you, get more opportunity than you do. You truly are a blue collar, do your job kind of player and I am proud you represent this team. You produced more than SJ39 and will probably still see the bench when he returns.

Jason Snelling you are truly a smash mouth player with bruised knuckles.

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