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Can't Anyone See The Big L Stamped On Smitty's Forehead?

Guest stevefalcon

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Guest stevefalcon

OF honor too. He probably thinks he coached a good game. So much talent wasted. Great run game today, no sacks given up, D gets 5 sacks and 2 turnovers, Falcons dominate time of possession, and yet lose. because smith can't see how 4th and a half yard to goal kicking a FG is a morale/momentum killer. especially at the end of the 1st half, and he knows opponent gets to run the 2 min offense, and start the 3rd quarter with the ball. Any normal person could see Falcons would be trailing middle of 3rdQ, yet Osi saved the day, so it would seem, Alas HD fumbles a punt after a great D stop, typical Falcons, after eating up time and settling for FG, Miami's still in the game. Fast forward score 23 -20 4th and 4 in Redzone, falcons, instead of knocking dolphins out in the last 5 minutes, essentially your last possession,FG try to go up 6. Now--- again knowing thats too much time and Miami would march down the field score a TD and win by 1 point. He opts for the FG. You must always assume what might happen, and play or at least try to change the outcome. He never does, thats why all games are nail bitters, gets a lead goes conservative, plays the odds. How many times do you see it happen? go up 6 points 5 min left in game, other team scores TD wins by a point? You must play to win, and try to take away the possibility of losing. other teams know and see that big F---ing L on his forehead. He has a pattern of losing in big games, and in the post season. His game plans leave no roam for a mistake or even a few penalties, or bad calls. yet the pats, GB, NO, SF, any winner heck they make lots of mistakes and still win because they know they can overcome them. What good is winning time TOP if the score at the half is tied or close? what good is 5 sacks and great d in a loss? Miami turned it over 2 , gave up an easy TD also, plus tannehill got sacked 5 times, and miami D sucked 90% of the game, yet they win.....Smith let them keep the momentum that's why.

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