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Lets Face The Real Issue

New Hope Eagle

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I looked up the last 5 games and have seen the most glaring problem this team faces

we have too many different players in here the last few years with the same result so it all boils down to coaching.

Seattle up 20-0 at half and 27-7 with 2:00 left in 3rd. outscored 21-3 final 16 mins. result, scored GW FG with :08 left in game

San Fran up 17-0 on first play in 2nd. outscored 28-7 final 45 mins and hand game in our hands. Reult, lost 28-24.

NO up 10-0 with 1:28 in 1st. outscored 23-7 final 46 1/2 minutes, game in out hands against

the worst D in history....Result. Lost 23-17

Rams up 21-0 with 11:35 left in 2nd. outscored 24-10 final 40 1/2 mins. result. won 31-24

Miami up 10-0 with 13:02 left in 2nd. outscored 27-13 final 43 mins. result; lost 27-23

This means we scored 78 points before our opponents scored at all and were outscored 124 to 44 after.

Ultimately, we are 2-3 during these 5 games and this proves that our coaches are incapable of making in-game adjustments

while the opposing coached have had no such problem.

this can not be a coincidence.

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