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The Official I Love All U Peeps And What Is The Problem Thread


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This thread will probably be buried under 700 piles of rants and whatnot, but the fact is we are 1-2. Here are my thoughts:

1) our OL protected amazingly well, on the road. Sure the Dolphins were banged up along the DL, but Ryan had time for the most part.

2) perceived weaknesses were strengths: we got pass rush and pass protection, I don't think anyone anticipated that


Miami is 3-0, but they suck. They suck. Tannehill is mediocre at best, the DL was depleted, and they still beat us. Miami will probably miss the playoffs, and I find myself wondering if any other team in the league would figure out a way to choke the way we did. How is it no matter who we draft, who starts, we just magically find a way to not make plays when mediocre crap teams do?

So, just to get public opinion, what is the problem? My opinion is that there is just a play not to lose philosophy that won't go away until Smith is fired. Is it DT's drafting and FA choices? Is it a failure of halftime adjustments?

Sorry to say this but Miami is garbage and their coaching staff is clueless. The fact that they knew in the 2nd half what we would do every step of the way and clowned us is a problem.

Smitty and co, I love them because they came into a situation that few people could deal with. But IMO, it is not possible to get to the super bowl with this GM and/or head coach. I hope I am wrong, but the league is much more aggressive now and what we have in place seems too conservative to keep up. I dont know about the rest of TATF, but I am not going to be content with getting to the playoffs and losing the 1st game every year, but I'm not a moral victory guy. We won ONE playoff game last year, and blew two immense leads at home in the process.

Interesting thought of the day: If we had Tannehill and Miami had Ryan, we would have lost by 30.

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