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So Disappointing..


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I think we all had such high expectations for this year..We thought this year's team was the ONE to take us all the way. Maybe we set our sights too high? expected too much?

One thing's for sure, this isn't the team we saw last year. All the breaks and last minute scoring that won us these types of games last year aren't happening this year. Were we just LUCKY last year at 13-3? Did we all overestimate what is in reality a mediocre team? Do we blame these losses on injuries? or coaching? Or lack of desire and determination?

I really feel for Tony G. He thought we could make a run for the big game this year. That's why he came back. I wonder if he's second guessing his decision now...I think I would be.

All that said, there were some good things that happened in this game. The Falcons actually have a pretty decent running game, even without SJ. The young guys really stepped it up and played a heck of a defensive game. BUT they gave the ball back to the offense, only to go three and out. Championship teams find ways to score on turnovers.

The team played well, considering the rash of injuries but NOT well enough to be considered "elite"..Not well enough to be a serious contender. There are just as many bad elements as good in this year's edition of the Atlanta Falcons, and in championship caliber teams, there needs to be far MORE good elements than bad. No team is perfect, but repeating the same mistakes week after week.

We'll hear the same excuses, and "we have lots to work on" and "we'll fix those mistakes" speeches we hear week after week. But, mark my words, it'll be same ol' story next week. Falcons build a lead, then play too loose and comfortably, and let the game slip away. It's been a trend that apparently can't be fixed. Elite teams resolve their issues and improve week after week.

It's definitely NOT too late, as history has shown with other teams such as Green Bay and the Giants, who overcame injuries and adversities and made it to the big dance. But I just don't think the Falcons have the kind of determination, drive, heart and CAN-DO spirit that is required of Champions. Until they DO, until there can be a way found to instill a championship spirit in this team, we will never be considered "elite" or even a contender for elite status. Champions find a way to overcome adversity and WIN.

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