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Mike Smith - What Do You Have To Say Today?


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we haven't put together a complete game yet. we made to many penalties, NO NO NO wait, he will say we have key injuries... I would love to tell him to STFU. We lost because of his pu$$y between his legs. Has no balls. We go conservative and let them drive down the field before the half and kick a field goal. WTF? I knew all along this game felt really boring and sh!tty

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He'll say, "It was a tough loss. Mistakes were made in all phases of the game, but they are all correctable, and we will get them fixed." Have already heard this far too often. It's time for action!

How about " our coaching is shyt" " we coach badly in the red zone" " we have no heart and suck the momentum out of our team by making timid decisions" " we lose close games after dominating or are always hanging on for dear life because we don't score touchdowns, we kick field goals" etc etc etc. How about it starts with you Smitty ? Even with the injuries , the turnovers, the loose play here and there we dominated this team today, we are victims of poor coaching and a timid, gutless, red zone decision process folks, This is no accident it is a built in feature of this coaching staff, I just hope Blank is smart enough to see through this Smitty ******** because he is the only one that can fix it. We have an amateur that folds under pressure running this team and we will never see a Lombardi under his leadership even though I like and respect the man personally.

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Not that Tony G is to blame but who allowed him to take off TC?

Blame DK? Who hired him? The offense is arguably better overall without Mularkey.

Blame Nolan? The same problems are showing up that existed before Nolan.

Blame the personnel? The same problems have been persistent throughout the many personnel changes.

Say it's a process? The team has either stalled or has been regressing during that process.

Blame the Strength and conditioning coach? Nothing improved there.

That hot seat should be red hot right now.

Personnel, scheme and motivation fall back to one guy now. Captain Conservative.

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