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Thank You Mike Smith!


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Just want to thank Mike Smith for turning this team around from us never having consecutive winning seasons to us having multiple in a row. Thank you for taking us to the playoffs multiple times. But I'm sorry to say you have to go! You could argue we have the most talented offense in the league and we score at will at the beginning of every game. Yet you make our team play conservative and let teams back in every game! Everyones always impressed by Matt Ryan having the most 4th qtr comebacks since he joined the league... I'm Not 95% of those games we won in the 1st have and should have been in the lead for the rest of the game!

I think its 5 games in a row that we have led by double digit points and have let everyone of them back into it. This is just unacceptable. Do I think you are better than a lot of head coaches. **** Yes! do I think you have the killer instinct to win a superbowl.... No!

With this much talent, we need a coach with a killer instinct that actually wants to win by 20pts in a game and not win by 1. I wouldn't be surpised if you have drained all of the confidence out of our entire team by allowing teams to climb back into these games week after week.

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Good Lord. Make it stop! It isn't just on Mike Smith.

No,It is....Sorry.....HE is the man in charge of this team on the field and this trend has not changed,HE is responible...HE is the HEAD COACH....Dallas Blew out St. Louis today and it was all we could do to hang on and beat them last week,at our house?....Continuing trend...I AM GLAD WE LOST TODAY....WE DESERVED TO LOSE....I HOPE THE OWNER OF THIS FRANCHISE will see that the man he has running this team can take them no farther,and it is time for a more agressive person to lead this team.

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