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Smith Must Be Fired


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Our success has been in spite of Smith. His horrible decisions this season have doomed us.

The last 5 times we have taken the field we have blown a double digit lead. I'm pretty sure we would let Jacksonville hang around into the 4th qtr... We have one of the best young qb's in the league and are 1-5 in the playoffs. I've defended him time and time again, and would have said you were nuts until I saw the way the team reacted (or didn't) to Vaccarro cheap shotting Ryan. This team is like the groundhog... afraid of it's own shadow. Afraid to try to make a play because they might make a mistake... Nolan is no better, we hail him as a great defensive coordinator, but 3rd down after 3rd down, Dolphins convert. We filleted Mularkey for his playcalling, Koetter comes in and it's the same crap. It boils down to the fact that nice guys do not succeed in the NFL. We need someone to come in and light a fire under these guys' a$$es. It's so hard to watch, it makes me want to go play in traffic.

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