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Can Matt Be What We Need Him To Be, When We Need Him To Be It?


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We're in a bit of an injury situation. Not completely debilitating, but definitely palpable. We may not (I say may because Osi is having a heck of a game and the defense has plenty of time to improve) be able to rely on our defense to stop high-powered offenses from scoring often.

Good thing for us we have one of the best offenses in the league. However, any Falcon fan can tell you in an instant what the most frustrating thing that seems to always rear its ugly head and come between our good team effort and a win. NOT SCORING TOUCHDOWNS IN THE REDZONE!!!

Remember those playoff games?? As good as we played, we could have eliminated the chance for a comeback by scoring in situations where we kicked. One or two of those TDs traded for FGs and we're very possibly in the SB last year and attempting back to back this one. We have got to find a way to turn these into TDs. That is the last step for the offense to become TRULY dynamic. I believe we can do it. But starts with Matt. Can he make the throws and get us in the endzone. I think so! But this is when we need him the most. This is a career defining moment for him. I have faith that he will not let us down!

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