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Thoughts Before The Dolphins Game


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1. I think this will be a game Tru will be tested alot... We will most likely keep a Safety over the top to help Asante with Mike Wallace..... Saying that Tru will have to play alot of man coverage on Brian Hartline

2. Mass Effect.... Jonathan Massaquoi needs to have a good game and i see a 2 sack game from him... He has shown the ability to bend that edge this offseason and showed some last game but bradford dink and donk prevented sacks... At RT Clabo has struggles when facing those type guys... I want to see Mass shine

3. The top 3 OT's in the draft has been getting schooled... The 2nd overall pick said this

Making the adjustment to the NFL is already hard enough, but on top of that Joeckel is still learning a new position. He was a left tackle in college. "I have to get over the mental errors," Joeckel said. "I've never been a Mental Error Guy but there are a lot of things going on." He's committed two false start penalties and given up two sacks and five hurries through two games.

My point is that Holmes is learning... He should be getting adjusted to the speed and mistakes will happen... I do want to see continued improvement. He will face Olivier Vernon and Dion Jordan

4. Yall have been begging for Trueblood... Yall are about to see what he can do.

5. If we can have Roddy at atleast 70% I like our matchups alot.. They will keep a safety over the top of Julio to help out Grimes... If Roddy is healthy enough (I read something saying he feels much better) ... He, Tony, and HD can do some damage... The Dolphins like to blitz ... Matt Ryan will find that one on one matchup.

6. I know Dent is our headset guy and Dent is a Solid 2 down LB but we cant have him on the field in passing situations.... Rather itsNic, Chaney, or Worrilow (both 4.5 speed) ... We must have a guy with the speed to keep up with guys in coverage

7. The Dolphins has given up 9 sacks in 2 games... We should get pressure and sacks vs the Dolphins.

8. Which RB will step up ?

Even with all the injuries i feel like as long as we play our game... We should win this game.


Dan Graziano@DanGrazianoESPN 16 Sep

Justin Tuck says he texted Osi U. abt INT TD and received from Osi "a series of texts explaining how awesome he is."

I just thought that was funny

What are your thoughts about this game.

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My thoughts are Miami strengths on offense is on the outside with their receivers. Our strengths on defense is with our corners. Unlike the first two games we don't have to worry about the opposing team TEs (Graham or Cook). Dent should be able to cover Clay with no problems. He is not fast or strong. So I see our Safeties able to roam the field and playing a game like they did last year in San Diego with Phillip "the gun slinger" Rivers

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A Dolphin fan or two say we are a dome team and their weather will be a negative factor for us. FAIL........

Game time temp 88° with a light breeze and 30% chance of thunderstorms. Looks like typical Flowery Branch practice weather to me. Sound like a scared fan looking for anything to stir shet.

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The Dolphins don't move Grimes around, heard that somewhere. I don't think he'll be covering Julio the whole day, just when Julio lines up on that side. My best friend is a Dolphins fan. He said that Wallace and Clemons are also hurt and might not play in his game, although I don't see that happening. I do know the Dolphins like their young corners as much as the Falcons like theirs. The Dolphins D is tough and physical. One of the best defenses we'll face this year. Going to be a battle!

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Don't forget that the Phin's are injured too. DT Soila or something like that won't play (knee) and their mediocre QB injured his passing shoulder last game. Should be a close game but I see Ryan pulling this one out for us with Gonzalez stepping up today wearing his big boy pants.

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