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A. Smith


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Any chance he gets some carries this week?

With his speed I'd think he would actually be a great fit to Drik's offense. Plus, he is really our only healthy back with home rum potential. Quizz is quick, but he doesn't have much top end speed in the open field.

How is Smith at catching and blocking? Since his primary role is on ST, I wonder if he gets enough reps with the offense to learn the playbook?

I like high motor guys. He is definitely all motor.

Would Vaughn take snaps ahead of Smith? Just curious who RB3 is this week.

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Here's what NEEDS to happen :)

Quizz has been arguably our worst offensive player on the field when he has the ball in his hands so far this year. Smith is a special teamer - I wanted him to get carries last year, and he never did, so I'm fairly certain it's not going to happen...

Quizz needs to stay in our 3rd down role, he's a great pass blocker and can catch out of the backfield.

Snelling needs to get the start and needs to get 15-17 or so carries. Vaughan needs to be the non 3rd down back up and get around 5-7 carries.

Here's what WILL happen :)

Quizz will start and get around 15-17 carries, average right around 2.5 yds per carry, won't hit the hole (even if it exists). He'll get stopped for a loss on 75% of his carries and on the others he will maybe squeeze out 3/4 yards.

Snelling will get some carries obviously but it won't be anywhere near as many as he should get, as he is always effective with the ball in his hands.

Smith will get 0 touches, probably won't even see an offensive snap.

Ditto for Vaughan, if we even bother to activate him...

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SwampyMux12 probably has hit the nail on the head. I really don't know why we don't play Antone more, Every time I see him in the preseason he seems to have very good speed. But I am sure the coaches have a good reason for it. I have always assumed it was because he couldn't block or catch as well as the other options, but don't really know. Vaughn shows some good flashes back there, but again I don't know how he is at pass blocking, and we all know that is just as important as running or catching skills.

I hope the coaches put the load on Snelling as I think he is the one most capable of getting some yards even with poor run blocking, and can do everything you need from a back rather well.

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He is fast, but isnt used because he is a liability in pass protection...and we have awful pass protection to start with.

Thanks. This is the info I was looking for.

Some of the points others brought up done mean as much to me. We have always had Turner, Snells, and Quizz/Norwood ahead of him. It makes since they never got to him on the depth chart. So, a low number of carries under different conditions doesn't answer my question under the current conditions.

Because I think we are going to have a lot of extra TEs and FBs/H-back type blocking packages in the game, I don't think he can play if he can't pass block. The RBs are all going to have to come up big in that role with our patchwork OL.

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