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I had no problem with kicking a FG at the end of the first half. Doesn't anyone here remember what happened to the Saints and the Seahawks at the end of the first halves last year? Both teams weren't able to kick a field goal because the clock was running and they had no timeouts.

And doesn't anyone here remember what happened when we got aggressive against the Packers in the 2010 playoffs by passing the ball instead of playing for field goals? Two picks by Tramon Williams, one for a touchback (thanks Jenkins) and one for a crushing pick-six.

BTW, we were at the 21 yard line (for a 38 yard field goal). With 14 seconds left, a sack runs out the clock and any completion in-bounds short of the end zone also runs out the clock. Since his rookie year, Matt Bryant is 96% from 30-39 yards, which gives an expected value of 2.88 points for trying the field goal there. To get the same expected points value by going for the touchdown, you'd think you have at least a 41% chance of scoring a TD there. Considering that the Rams pass rush could have very easily sacked Ryan there, and that they'd be crowding the end zone, I think 41% might be tough. Judgment call, and I don't mind the field goal.

That didn't happen because the Falcons were overly aggressive and going for a touchdown. That happened because the Falcons were trying to get 5 yards closer to get an attempt at a FG and everyone on the planet that was watching the game knew what the play call was as soon as the Falcons came out in that formation.

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Simple question:

How many times have you seen a team "take a shot" at the end of the first half with time running out, and the defense knowing that the ball was going to the end zone?

And of those times, how many times did they score a touchdown?

Now then, how many times have you seen a team try a 30 yard field goal, and how many times did those teams score?

And finally, did you or did you not see Me'Angelo Hall "Pick 6" Tony Romo at the end of the first half two seasons ago?

No, one more: What is the rational choice, given all of the above information, when you have 21-3 lead at home?

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