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Does Anyone Know If The Starters Are Playing Vs Jags?

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From what I understand both 1st team lines will get some work. Skill players will not play

Makes sense. You know what you are getting from Ryan, White, Gonzalez, Jones, and Jackson. The o-line needs as much work as possible for preparation purposes as well as to establish solid communication amongst each other. Same thing for the d-line. They young guys need experience & the older guys need to be in there to make sure communication is happening as it should be.
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We historically don't play them and if we do, it's one drive.

What Smitty said when asked if he was going to play the starters was something to the effect of (paraphrase here), "I won't answer that, but you can see what we have done historically in the 4th game of preseason."

The actual quote is in one of his onfield press conferences after practice. I think it was sometime after the last game if anyone wants to hear the actual conversation. As stated, we "historically" don't play them except for one drive it at all.

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