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Wr... Who Do We Keep & How Many

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I'm thinking 6 with the top four being white, Jones, Douglas, Davis

I would assume Cone to be 5th & and would like Darius Johnson to be 6th .

Johnson flashed more than any other free agent wide receiver

A 6th WR would compete for the last spot on the 53 man roster. Whomever wins it will have to be able to contribute on special teams. Johnson is competing just as much with Josh Vaughan, Zeke Motta, Pat Schiller, Robert James, and Ronnie Wingo as he is with other depth WR.

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Johnson's receiving skills will have little impact on whether he makes the roster or not.

I know, but I cant judge special teams worth **** when I cant see the whole field, so I really dont know who is making the most impact there.

It would be cool if one of these guys had some return ability

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08 they carried 6 WR White, Jenkins, Finneran, L. Robinson, Douglas, Adam Jennings was replaced by Eric Weems late in the year.

09 -12 they carried only 5 WRs all season

BUT they yooyooed Bergeron up and down all of 09. because Finneran, Jenkins and Snelling were hurt and they needed extra receiver

In 11 they added Cone as a #6 WRs for the las regular season game

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