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""""the Mash Report""" Of Cats And Birds Day 1

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Welcome to the The Mash Report. There is a lot to talk about, so lets get to it, shall we?


So a lot of people I bet have been wondering what the Golf carts look like. Well here y'all go.


And let me first say Bengal fans and players are nice. (Not as cool as Bears and KC fans). At the end of camp some bengals camp where the fans were standing. Which was cool and I would love to see the Falcons do that one day.

- anyhow if you want to know more. I will be posting on the Bengals site later tonight and I will be adding some exclusive material that is just on bengal players. I will add the link when I get done.

ok back to the Practice today.


At first I thought Julio was just playing around at QB.

then I thought he could not throw.

- Then I started to ask what is up with him.

Within the first 30 minutes Jbopper and G-Martin noticed he was doing a little stutter step at times. And he was never in on any action.

- so is it serious? Heck NO

- will he return tomorrow? I think so. Because you could tell this happened before they started and you see he was fully dressed out. Which means Smith probably just limited his action for today.

I read off of hear that Spoon got a hit laid on him. Well I missed that. and I think it had to have been our own guys. Because he was there for the falcons playing each other, but he was not when it was the 11 on 11 with the Bengals.


CB's on the bengals did some damage. 20, 24, 21. 22 had a good interception off of Matt Ryan.

HD was able to make a move at times. But him and Matt had to talk about the timing of it. The reason why I say it is a few times it was off and over thrown. (and when I say over thrown... it was over thrown and 100% Matts fault). now once they discussed on routes and moves....... The bengals could not stop Ryan. But there was sometimes he was stopped just from good playing.

Falcons CB's

Asante, He was pumped today. (maybe being on TV did it to him). but while everyone was standing watching the punt returns, he was jogging around and jumping up and down.

- He had a lot of great blocks on Ryan. And Ryan was forced to throw into sots where Asante could not get it, and only the WR could. And sadly not many WR could get those balls because of how great Asante was covering.

- He really stepped up today. yet he has been keeping quiet this year. I wonder why.

Alford, Man did he do some great work today. A lot of blocks like Asante, yet in the next picture he came of the ground and made a great pass deflection. My hat goes off to Alford today. Best I have seen him all year, and yes that means he beat out Trufant.

Trufant was good. did he make flashes like alford.... not so much.

- now I know there is going to be people who say Trufant failed and etc..... but here is the fact...Trufant was not tested like Alfor was.

- - When Trufant or Asante was in on the 11 on 11, well it never went that direction. When Alford was in, well the bengals would try on him.

McClain a little quiet today along with Ishmael. that is not a bad thing. sometimes being unnoticed means you are doing your job.


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Matt was wondering if this guy has a drinking problem.


Biere, he failed on his first catch. but after that he started to make his catches. I was not a fan of his cuts though. So he has a lot to learn in a short time.

Coffman, I like his moves and the way he makes catches. wish I could have compared him to last years camp and how his progress is going.

Gonzalez, HAHAHA y'all thought I was going to say something on him probably. LOL don't worry every day I hear someone ask where he is.

Toilolo, Today was a good day. he made his catches except for a couple. one ust came out of his arms and I do not get what happened. I wonder if he was trying to make a move without securing the ball.

- A lot of our guys got tested today.

Szcz... yeah that guy. He made a catch, but he never had a flash or a move or anything that caught my eye.


this is a Biere fall. He should have made his cut a lot soooner, so then he had to end up making a diving catch. He did get the ball. But he has a lot to learn and bestof luck to him.... But I would like to say it was a very nice diving catch.


This is the catch that Toilolo had in his hands and then turned and dropped it.

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HD missed this one. I am unsure if it was Ryan throwing off or HD ran the wrong route. But HD went back and did it again and pulled this grab off. (good job HD/Ryan on fixing it)





You can see HD is physical. and that is something I like. it would have not caused a penalty because it was within the 5 yards. But Matt was not on his throw. I was very excited to see HD like this, and then hated it when I saw the final outcome.

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Cone, I am liking his moves. He is really stepping up. I maybe just becoming a homer fan of him, but I hope he is going to impress y'all in the season as much as he has me.

He missed some catches..... but it was not his fault.

- And it was not balls he could jump for. If he has to jump for a ball, he will. I have many pictures of him doing so.



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Rodgers, well last year he did great in camp. Last year I thought he was going to be on the roaster. And this year he looks 100% the same. The only thing was in Pre-season he was not doing so hott. and therefore, I mentioned that this year I was unable to give him a thumbs up or down....... well Today I am starting to give him a thumbs up.

- He made hard catches on spots only Ryan would throw. Many times he made his catches and then he would cut up the field. He does not just make a har catch and then hit the ground; he keeps his stride. He really put on a show today.

- Also the bengals could not stop the passes to Rodgers over the line (my mind is blank on what kind of play that is called.). anyhow every time they did this. we were able to get off yardage.

- sometimes it was planned and sometimes it just looked like a drop off over the top.

And now unto the WR's I d not want to talk on.......... bad bad day.





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Today Moore and Davis had problesm. It was not all their fault but it kept happening over and over and over like a broken record. I was really upset with what was taking place. I know a lot of times it was Renfree throwing. I cannot place blame, but I know some was on the QB and WR fault.

- with that said they really need to start improving. And I hope Mike smith took notice of this today.

oh wait one more............


woops that was just a great hit by the bengals player. 100% legal and it knocked the ball out. great job to this guy. (Sorry the Group 2 is coming out of me.

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oh wait it happened to Roddy too???????????


Just messing, roddy got to watch Asante standing up today. Asante was not playing around today with Ryan.

Side note: Asante did say a few select words to Ryan.... and lets just say I cannot repeat them.


oh hickory frog, it did happen to roddy. But don't worry guys this just happened once and the rest of the time Ryan and White were making great moves.

- and honestly I do not need to talk about how open Roddy was, or how great of hands he had, or how he cut the field after the catch. (I think we all know what kind of WR we have, right?)

but just for fun here is some pictures on him.




as for the other guys it was not pretty a pretty show at times for them as well. I really want to know what Mike Smith is saying to them and who is getting blamed.

and do not take me as bashing theose guys, I am just stating it very hard that it was a bad day and something needs to be addressed.

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lets get the talk over with what happened with Jackson today, Basically he ran through the hole and was assumed/called down. But our guys always finish running to the Endzone. So Jackson kept on going and #55 decided to get in his way.... like a little prick move. well Jackson stiffed arm him to where 55 came off the ground and was moved back a couple feet. And then 55 got upset and went towards jackson fast and jackson gave him an old school Ram head hit. 55 ran his mouth and Jackson seemed to be staying quiet. eventually 55 backed down and jackson gave him the stair down while he walked out of it.

Man was I pumped. I want to see what Jackson would do to a LB. I honestly think if this would have been a regular game, that Jackson would have came in the next play and trucked the **** out of 55.

so here is the pictures.




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I feel there is no need to report on him. we all know what he is and how he will be a starter.

- he did have a drop but it was Ryans fault and was under thrown.






Steven Jakson, "Coach you sure you want me to see you as 55 coming at me????""

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Wingo and campbell had some drops during the drills. They need to step their game up, or they won't be making the roster.... sorry just being honest with all that is ahead of them.


Snelling, now this image above says a lot. first off look at that hole. (sad thing is this is our second string against their second string).

- snelling keeps performing and showing me he is actually a good backup RB. (just we have a great Rodgers and Jackson ahead of him... but he should be a lock at second on any other team).

- he made his catches, but one I believe he dropped.



I love the way Rodgers catches.

- again I do not want to talk a lot on him, just cause he is a lock.

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onto QB's.

Ryan had some troubles at the start on the 11 on 11. But he improved and everything started clicking. there was a couple times something happened.... but after the first 11 on 11, it was as if he got all the bugs out of him.

- he made some hard throws and put speed on them


mmmm mmmm mmm Today reminded me of close to the TC davis of 2012. it was not as bad, but it was just some bad calls on throws. Sometimes he made the right call on throwing it away, while other times he just made a bad throw. And then sometimes the WR's were not helping him out either.

Renfree, yeah I am not a fan

doege, yeah I am not a fan.

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Jones is a big boy and actually impresses me. Everyone talks on holmes but rarely do I hear anything on Jones.... Jones is the man to talk about.

- look at his size

- look at his moves.

- look at how he moves these players around.

I am really impressed with him.

so overall on the lline for first string,

- At first the RT/RG had it's problems and then they ended up fixing it.

- Baker is good to go

- konz will do just fine for us.

- rarely did anything get a chance to come up the middle or from the LT spot.

And you have to know Atkins is out there and is a fantastic DT.... so that has to tell you something about our line.

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our Second/third string is great. heck you got Hawley looking who he should be taking care of. LOL

- they allow a HUGE pocket to form.... and yet Renfree made some bad throws.

- They get holes open.

Now I will say when it is falcons vs falcons... you do not see a wonderful look like this. It is totaly different. So now I know we have a good O-line and not just our second/third D-line sucks.


onto randomness of sets and etc.

You can see we did the three WR on one side, and of course it meant give the ball to the RB. (but this year it will be fn to watch because of how versatile we will be with Jackson and Rodgers.



Matt: yeah I see you 23 and seen what kind of player you are in drills. and I know just how to make you look cheers, hike.


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Nice report..

One question, who's is Jackson hanging with the most at camp? I know he's a bull, but I'd rather a lineman handle his arguments after plays and I want to see him fitting in with the whole offense.

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Dude, this MASH Report just blows away any TC coverage that I have ever

seen on the Falcons front page or TATF.

It is also the best coverage that I have ever seen on TC.

Simply Amazing

The Falcons should pay you to do this, but you could not be a critic.

My take on your take is that it sounds like this was a "dodge the grunge day"

Grunge days are the ones that nothing goes right no matter how hard you work at it.

Best to have these days in TC and the Pre Season.

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Awesome posts Mash keep it up

I hope yu mean that on AWESOME.

because this took a beating on me to do.

I left my house at 11:30 to get there.

then left at 6

got home at 7

kissed my wife and said I have work to do.

and you see I just not got finished.

I still have not eatin.... heck I have not even went for my piss PIRATED VIDEO IS ILLEGAL break. LOL, but really I shouold be allowed a 5 minute break after 12 hours of work, right?????

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