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I gave him his only loss of the season lol... so this is what South Carolina feels like Congrats @Team UGA! 

Appreciate you guys letting me play this yr, we will have to run it back next yr.

I had an uncharacteristically poor season this go around. Ever since I started playing fantasy I have typically been in the playoffs. I can only think of maybe 2 other times before this year that I di

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On 11/23/2019 at 9:40 PM, Carter said:

@fibonaccisquared sat Fields and Edwards-Helaire. :o

I can understand why but those points compared to who you played instead... ouch. Tough break man.

Yep... Was killing myself over it. Been dealing with health issues though. Flu plus double ear infections that led to pneumonia. On some ridiculous drugs now and finally on the mend. 

Ultimately didn't have the horses to take down KirbStomp either way... Congrats on the nearly finalized win. 

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Sorry about the health issues @fibonaccisquared! Glad you’re feeling better!

I was hoping to be able to pull a rabbit out of my hat and answer the bell, but the points were not there unfortunately.

Congrats to Team Kirb Stomp! @Team UGA You steamrolled your way to the championship and your name certainly didn’t disappoint haha. Looking forward to next year!


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Bumping this because there was basically no communication about this season and I wasn't tracking that the draft was happening last week. My team was all auto drafted and half of the players on my team were Big 10 and Pac 12 players that aren't even playing this year. 😩

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On 10/10/2020 at 11:37 PM, RedandBlack4Life! said:

How is Fantrax still not able to fix their scoring? Good grief, this has been down all day! 

I msgd them and it is out of their control as they stated.  The company who provides their stats is having a major issue.  Sounds like other sites are also being affected.

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